Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Farmers Are Thankful, Too

Thanksgiving.  The time each year when most American’s reflect on the blessings they have in their lives.  The people, health, activities, events, and things we have that make life good.  Often we hear or see tributes to the farmers who raise the food that we eat on Thanksgiving and all year long.

So what are farmers most thankful for?  There are many different things that farmers are thankful for each year, and I cannot say this is completely inclusive or that it speaks for all farmers, but I am very confident it resembles most other farmers. 

A safe growing season. 
Ample rain. 
Long, warm growing season. 
Our fertile, black soil. 
A bountiful harvest. 
Successful calving seasons or pig farrowings.
Healthy animals.
Beneficial, safe treatments for livestock when they are sick.
Working with family in our farming operation.
Raising our kids on a farm with plenty of open green space.
Living in our rural community.
And most importantly people around the world that trust us to feed their families.

Farmers are grateful for our land and what careful cultivation can create for our family, community, and others.  I think there are few better to handle the challenges of continuing to cultivate, preserve, and improve our natural resources than farmers.

Enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving with your family and friends with a big meal from our bountiful, safe, wholesome, and diverse food supply.   

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